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The "Learn how to Invest",, and web sites (they all redirect to the site), give the investor the opportunity to be informed with the use of a selection of free, unique and extremely profitable investing and financial educational tutorials, tools, services and articles.Advertising in the Learn How to Invest Web Sites

Advertising in the "Learn how to Invest" sites is a great way to reach a choice of a highly targeted audience of investors.

The combination of the compelling content and reputation makes it a perfect medium for effective online advertising!

There are now estimated to be over 80 billion web pages on the Internet, and make no mistake, this figure is still growing fast!

The "Learn how to Invest" web pages are just a fraction of that 80 billion, but already are beginning to feature prominently in thousands of users bookmarks.


Don't think Internet advertising is effective?

Have you tried it and found that nobody clicks on your ad or link?

Have you read about how the Internet advertising medium is dead and that the average click-thru is a pathetic 1 click for every 1,000 exposures?

Then you have fallen victim to the great Internet Advertising Hoax!

Not only does Internet advertising work, it is more effective than almost anything else!


• Low Cost:

The most cost effective way to reach your targeted customers and prospects. Advertising in the "Learn how to Invest" web sites costs a fraction of what others spend on other media.

• Go Direct:

Target exactly the people who fit your customer profile.

Immediate Results:

Get results as soon as your campaign launches.

• More Flexibility:

Because you get results so fast, you are able to make adjustments to your campaign on the fly to maximize your success.

• Fast:

Why spend weeks on production? The "Learn how to Invest" web sites allow you to transform your advertising ideas into a real campaign within a matter of days!

• Reach the Entire Globe:

The "Learn how to Invest" web sites give you the ability to go beyond your borders, reaching Internet users throughout the world.


Male 68%
Female 32%
Married 61%
Average Age 29 Years


College 75%
Own Securities 55%
Online Purchases 93%


Bookmarked 68%
Search Engines 72%
Average Duration of Visit 243 seconds
Average Pages per Visit 5.08


North America 41%
Asia 27%
Europe 18%


Australia & Oceania  4%
Africa 2%
South America 1%

Investing Interests


Stocks 90%
Mutual Funds 32%
Real Estate 16%


Money Market  9%
Forex 9%
Traded Funds 9%
Futures 4%
Commodities 3%
Gov't Bonds 7%
CDs 11%
Precious Metals 5%
High Income Bonds 8%
Art 1%
Other 4%


All the ads are ROS and rotational in a general rotation on all pages -- English and Greek -- throughout the "Learn how to Invest" web sites.

This rotation allows your ads to reach the most potential viewers and increases the exposure of your advertising statement.


The "Learn how to Invest" Newsletter is send to all registered subscribers -- 31.784 as of March 27, 2017 -- every week.

On the "Learn how to Invest" Newsletter there is only one advertiser with a text message of up to 60 words including up to two hyper-linked URLs and one 468 x 60 banner - jpeg or gif of up to 100 KB.

Cost: US$ 395

728 x 90 Banner

The Banner is placed at the top of every page.

Cost: US$ 1,700 for three months.

459 x 199 Banner

The Banner is placed at the top of every page.

Cost: US$ 1,350 for three months.

459 x 383 Rectangle

The Rectangle is placed at the bottom of every page.

Cost: US$ 650 for three months.

160 x 600 Wide Skyscrapers

The Wide Skyscrapers are placed on the right side of every page.

First: US$ 1,300 for three months.
Second: US$ 850 for three months.
Third: US$ 600 for three months.
Fourth: US$ 400 for three montha.

208 x 208 Banners

The are placed on the right and left side of every page.

First: US$ 300 for three months.
Second: US$ 230 for three months.
Third: US$ 150 for three months
Fourth: US$ 135 for three months

Text Links

All Text Links are hyper-linked and up to 25 characters long and placed on the footer of every page.

Cost: US$ 295 for six months.


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