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Stockbroker Job Requirements and
Facts and Fiction

Do you need to have a degree in business, finance or economics to be a stockbroker?

There is no particular education requirement. Successful stockbrokers have come from all backgrounds and walks of life, ranging from the high school drop-out to the Harvard MBA!

One of the positives about our business is that the stock market is the "Great Equalizer."

Integrity, tenacity and a friendly personality are far more important than where you came from or what school you went to!

Wouldn't it be safer to work on a salary for a major corporation?

In the last years many major corporations laid great numbers of employees while, during that same period, their stocks soared to previously unimagined heights!

And yes! It might be a little safer ...

But not better or wiser!

Since the attack on the World Trade Center the stock market has a lot of volatility. Shouldn't I wait to start my career in the stock market?

The fact is that this is the PERFECT TIME to start your career. Why? Consider this:

Most of the tremendous upside moves of the last decade have largely been fueled by Baby Boomers investing for their retirement. The Baby Boom generation will not start to retire for another 10 to 15 years.

Their money is in search of high returns. As the stock market declined, much of that Baby Boomer retirement money, literally TRILLIONS, was put into money market funds.

Returns on money market funds are near their all time lows! That money will eventually return to the stock market!

Stockbroker Job Requirements and Careers

Also, keep in mind, as a new broker you will be calling on people who, more than likely, already have accounts with competing brokers.

The chances are GREAT that the people you will be calling upon have NOT been particularly pleased with the performance of their current broker.

This makes them EXCELLENT PROSPECTS for doing business with YOU!

Stockbroker Job Requirements and Careers
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