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Investing in Art

Many of our clients are art lovers, own collections or investing in art, specifically in Greek art, and are actively buying and selling in the art markets all over the world.

In their art quest they require someone who understands and appreciates the significance and pleasure of investing in Greek art of high value.

As a result, we are now offering varying degrees of services related to Greek art and we are actively helping many investors to build their collections.

We have developed ArtInvesting a unique and personal service offered by us, which was established in order to complement the reliability and discretion of our brokerage with an appreciation and love of Greek art.

We offer art research, acquisitions, sales, collection planning, financing and curatorial management. As an exclusive service to our clients, we offer confidentiality, objectivity and a professional approach to art investment.

Based upon your needs, we will locate and research exclusive market opportunities for the purchase and sale of Greek art, devise a focused strategy and act on your behalf to access our exclusive network of buyers and sellers from our client base.

We work closely with recognised experts and market professionals to guarantee you the highest standard of service available in the Greek art market. Our experts enjoy high recognition and can always give their advice on the buying and selling of art.

Art and Economic Performance

Through the centuries, many investors have chosen to invest a good part of their wealth in art and other collectibles.

Investing in Art - Nikos Hatzikiriakos - Ghikas

Nikos Hatzikiriakos - Ghikas (1906 - 1994)

Although putting money into art may not be as straightforward as investing in bonds or equities, the art market is attracting increasing interest.

As a result, we are now seeing a lot more new and old investors that are looking to put their money at art.

Investing in Art
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