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How to Find a

Trying to select and find a stockbroker can be like trying to pick good apples from bad!

Just because they have a few letters after their name doesn't mean they don't bear any bruises ...

Or that they're to be esteemed and trusted for that reason!

How to Find a Stockbroker

Frankly, a person novice at investing puts himself at the mercy of nothing more than a well-dressed salesperson!

Stock brokers who work on a commission and/or bonus often place their personal economic interest before yours!

The message here isn't to avoid getting a stockbroker, whose guidance more people could stand to receive, but rather, to exercise caution and due diligence when selecting an advisor and don't be afraid to "check up" on his work now and then.

Check your stockbroker about the following:

  • Experience
  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Commissions
  • Variable Fees
  • Flat Fees
  • How is he approaching investing?
  • What are his criteria for making decisions?
  • Ask if he has an interest or stake in any company whose products or services he recommends.
  • And finally, drop by his office and do check it out!

How to Find a Stockbroker 2

Stock Brokers must be dedicated to achieving the financial goals of their customers by understanding their needs, by offering quality research, analysis, advice and opportunities and by providing fast, accurate, superior and expert service!

To many people the stock market seems pretty mysterious, and they're often tentative about making investments.

But believe me! You don't need an economics degree to learn how the markets work ...

But you do need the advice and experience of a good stockbroker!

How to Find a Stockbroker
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