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The Ways to
Make Money

"If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank."
Woody Allen (1935 - )

Most people don't spend much time wondering what money is. Their only major concern is how much they have, and how to get more!

What Is Money?

It is a medium of exchange.

What Does it Do?

It ensures the success of exchange by being the one item on offer that is ALWAYS acceptable.

Why Is it Necessary?

Because human beings must exchange to live together in peace, and to prosper!

That IS ALL!

On the other hand, without money, the production and exchange of anything but the most rudimentary goods and services is impossible. It is not difficult, or time consuming, or inefficient, it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Animals don't exchange (or trade) amongst one another. They are self-sufficient, or they take from each other, or they exercise the prerogative of superior strength and/or cunning.

There are some human beings who get along in a very similar fashion, but the overwhelming majority recognise the benefits of voluntary exchange.

Strictly speaking, the use of the word "voluntary" in this context is redundant. The phrase "your money or your life" is not the precursor to an exchange, whether the person uttering it brandishes a gun or a government identity card!

The first rule of any voluntary exchange is simplicity itself. If two people are willing to exchange, each must view the results of the exchange as being beneficial. If either of them is not of that view, the exchange will not take place.

The ways to make money in this world are really very simple:  

  • Marry Someone Who Is Already Rich,
  • Have a Rich Person Die and Will You their Money,
  • Strike Oil,
  • Discover Gold,
  • Win the Lottery,
  • Rob a Bank,
  • Work for it, or ...
  • Have it Work for You Through Investments!
The Ways to Make Money

In investing, you don't have to be an expert to take advantage of real opportunities!

But, in order to invest with confidence, profitable success and consistency and be able to take advantage of opportunities, first you should assure, that all your essential financial needs and responsibilities are met.

Then, start with:

1. Setting aside sufficient liquid funds for cases of emergency.

2. Making sure you are completely and adequately insured.

3. Building a reasonable retirement plan.

4. Getting out of debt -- and staying out!

5. Determining your time frame, and

6. Start investing with the aim of becoming financially independent!

The Ways to Make Money
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