Investors and My Millionaire!

My Millionaire didn't get rich from inheritance...

He didn't win any grand prize and he didn't either strike it rich on the financial markets.

My Millionaire

He got there because he always was, and is, a true investor!

The average millionaire is hard working, often has his own business, and lives frugally so that he can invest for the long run.

Don't be turned off by the word "frugal," what you spend your money on doesn't matter as long as you're saving enough!

The point is, spend money on whatever you desire as long as you put investing as your top priority!

My Millionaire went through life working hard to get rich, not working to spend!

Take a Doctor or a businessman who makes a lot of money.

He has a lot of expensive cars, a nice house, and nice clothes -- status symbols...

But really has no wealth!

Everything he buys depreciates, with a possible exception to his home.

He isn't rich just because he makes a high salary...

In fact, he isn't rich at all, he just works to spend.

But, my Millionaire is rich because he works to get rich!

My millionaire is working...

Is saving...

Is investing, and...

He is getting rich over the long run!

It's a fail-safe system!


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