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The Stock Market Guide
to Profitable Investments

Learn How to Invest

"Learn How to Invest and
Get Successful Results NOW"

"Offers a more in-the-trenches take than the academic tone set by many other books on investing. The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments is divided into sections, starting simply and then heading into advanced territory."

The San Francisco Chronicle, U.S.A.


"I learned more in the last twelve hours than the last twelve months of book reading and site searching. I'm sick at all the time I wasted."

Greg Burton, Boston, MA, U.S.A.

Do You Want to
Learn more?

 The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments

"Your Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments is just what we needed to complete our investments. It is great. We had a ball doing most of it ourselves. We do thank you!"

James and Kitty Nadern, L.A., CA, U.S.A.

How to Invest

"No book on stock market I've ever encountered has demystified the process of investing as skillfully as your Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments!"

Gart Kendals, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 STOP Throwing
YOUR Money away

"This is the most straightforward approach to investing I've encountred. Common sense, realistic expectations and control of risk are the main principles, here supplemented by simple strategies. Stick with these and you will be a better investor."

Helen Warrington, Bristol, U.K.

Uncover Now
ALL the Secrets of Stocks

 The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book

Explore the Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book, which is a very simple to follow, new and complete investing and stock market tutorial allowing you to start planning for your own future.

It IS to Your Advantage to
Invest Wisely

"I have studied other investing tutorials, but nothing compares to the simplicity of the Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments. Everything is straight to the point and really works."

Ed Hamilts, Boca Raton, FL, U.S.A.

Safer Investments

"I'm fairly new to stock trading, but the stocks I have picked after reading your book are doing quite well. I feel like my stock investments are much safer now - fewer losses and a growing total overall gain. I feel more comfortable about enlarging my portfolio."

Mario Patel, New York, NY, U.S.A.

If you're really serious about making money from your investments and be able to generate a regular income for yourself, then this is the most important message you will ever read:

"Stock markets are based on knowledge, profits, fear and greed, on supply and demand and on many other hidden secrets!"

  • Explore ALL of the above and Start Investing Profitably...
  • Become a Knowledgeable Investor and Get in Control of Your Own Future...
  • Stop "Gambling" with Your Hard Earned Money and Seize ALL the Quality Answers...

What's Going on
with the Markets?

What's Going on with the Stock Markets

Everyone wants to know and the experts all have their own answers!

But most investors are cautious -- rightfully so -- and are not quite sure what to believe.

The fact is, you are at the mercy of undeniable and incontrovertible forces that can mean the difference between real wealth and poverty.

Study, understand and harness all these forces and get ready to start piling up a fortune.  

Why Do Investors Fail?

The most common mistakes that both beginning and experienced investors make include: 

Inadequate Patience
Poor Understanding
Unsufficient Knowledge
Unrealistic Expectations
Lack of Discipline

You Can Certainly Become
More Successful

Anyone can invest and make money in rising markets, but only those that really know what they're doing manage to make a profit in ALL Markets.

In order to survive long-term you must know how to identify and make money in Up Markets, Down Markets, Sideways Markets, Volatile Markets and Quiet Markets.

You have to learn how to identify each of these market conditions and the exact strategies to maximize your returns as all these opportunities present themselves. 

Real Profitable Results
in Volatile Markets

The Stock Market Guide

In today's volatile financial markets it has become increasingly difficult for all individual investors to easily achieve profitable results.

Access to sound financial advice from experts with a long-range understanding of market fluctuations can mean the difference between making and losing money.

Invest Now

As you're most probably aware, you don't have to be an expert in order to invest profitably. But, you will pay a high price for neglecting your investments and your personal finances.

You must stop mediocre investment management from sucking cash straight out of your wallet.

The Stock Market Guide to Profitable InvestmentsThere are a lot of people these days investing and making or losing money in the stock markets all over the world.

It can really be profitable, safe, fun, very exhilarating and sometimes, it's almost intoxicating.

Learn the Rules

You can remember that in the past years, we have seen many losers and winners.

The difference was knowing the rules of "the game" and adopting the right investing strategies to suit your individual circumstances and financial planning.

YOU Need
Profitable Returns

"The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments is very easy and informative. I found the Guide extremely helpful and with plenty of information. There seems to be a real attempt to educate. A very worthwhile resource."

Didrika Waldschmidt, Cologne, Germany

There's NO Doubt about it!

If you own stocks or just thinking about investing, here in my financial web site and Book, I will offer to you important methods and strategies, which are absolutely essential in helping you get profitable returns.

The Key Is to Learn
from THE Experts

Learning can be an expensive experience. STOP and ask yourself... How much have I spent in the stock market on losing, commissions, and etc?

Before another day goes by, before you invest again, you owe it to yourself to find out how you can tip the scales in your favor!

When you discover all the real and amazing methods and new strategies I reveal in The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments Book, you, too, can invest with confidence and profit.

You Will Profit from
my 40 Years of Learning


Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Over the past 40 years, I have learned by studying and practicing all the best techniques and methods used by stock brokers, traders, fund managers and investment bankers.

As an investing veteran, active in the international stock markets since 1972, I can certainly say that profitable investments can always be accomplished by the everyday average person!

BUT, that person must be willing to learn what to do, when and how to do it in a really profitable way.

All over the World

This information is now being shared with thousands of people all over the world and is spreading like wildfire.

I will share my 40 years of experience, professional techniques, information, secrets and advice to help you keep establishing amazing and successful investment strategies.

Invest on my expertise and I will help you keep a steady finger on your financial pulse.

Why Do I Share
my Methods?

The Profitable Stock Market Guide

The fact is, I really didn't want to create this investing web site and Book. But after all the great feedback (and many prying questions) I've received... I was almost "forced" to do it.

As busy as I already am running my businesses, I've been receiving so many e-mails asking:

"Is it possible to make this... ?"

"Is it safe to try... ?"

"How do you get that... ?"

"When must I start... ?"

"Will I ever be able to... ?"

"How can I profit from... ?"

"Where to invest... ?"

"What can I do about... ?"

"Does that strategy really work... ?"

I just had to create the right method in order to answer all the questions.

You Will Maximize
Your Profits

Learn How to Invest ... NOW!

If you are planning to make some new changes in your portfolio or you have just started investing, you can maximize your profits by doing it yourself and you can learn how as you go.

Even if you are planning a major investment, you will be able to do most of it yourself.

394 Profitable Pages

The Stock Market eBook

The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book contains 394 pages.

YES! 394 amazing pages rich in REAL, PROFITABLE and PROFESSIONAL guidelines and strategies.

394 pages full of strategies and guidelines, which you can put into practice right away and are explained in a way you can very easily understand.

Study The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments now, practice the techniques you will learn from real professionals and take the time to do it right.

Achieve it ALL

You will be amazed at what you can do. You will also achieve without question the satisfaction and magic of you doing it all by yourself. 

YOU Will Feel Great
when YOU Certainly Can:

STOP Losing Your Money!

  • STOP Constantly Losing Your Money
  • STOP Giving Back All Your Profits
  • STOP the Guessing Game
  • STOP "Hoping" Things Will Go Your Way
  • STOP the Emotional Roller Coaster

YOU Will NOT Waste
YOUR Time with...

  • Claims of "secret" information that will help you "explode" your income. The REAL secret is that THERE IS NO SECRET. You will learn the real truth.
  • Promises of truckloads of money delivered to your door. There is no Internet Santa Claus! If you do not believe that, then I can direct you to many sites that will gladly take your money in exchange for promises of "mystery money making machines" delivered by e-mail, in your sleep.
  • Amateur articles written by people for the sole purpose of selling them at your expense.
  • Theoretical strategies and methods that are impossible to implement.
  • Useless reports and data that they have no value.

At Last
every Information
You Need
Is Right Here for You!

 How to Make Money

How to Make Money in any
Market Condition

Investments that Will Bring You
the most Returns

Which Method Is Best
for You and Why

The Best Places to Look
for Information and Advice

Discover many Hidden Tricks
Stock Brokers Use

Things You Must Do in Order
to Multiply Your Money

The Hidden Truth
about Risks

Basic Investments
that are 100% Right for You

How to Protect Stocks
You already Own

Efficient Investments
to Match Your Own Personality

And you too, can use all these rules, secrets and tips to make yourself many really profitable, easy and 100% safe investments.

What else Is Included?

The powerful 394 pages-long Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book is divided into 10 Sections and 217 Topics.

In those 217 Topics, important subjects such as the following are also fully covered:

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Understading Your Finances
  • How to Buy Stocks
  • How to Sell Stocks
  • When NOT to Invest
  • The Rules of Supply and Demand
  • Profitable Approaches to Investing
  • Psychology of Investing
  • On-Line Trading Tips
  • How to Avoid Risks

Learn MORE and

With the entire contents of The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book you will learn trading methods and how to do-it-yourself like a "Pro," be much better informed, confident and a lot more knowledgeable when talking to your friends, neighbors and "The Experts."

Here's what others Say:

Read the Learn How to InvestTestimonials

"Over the years, through constant education, I have developed a new system. Since I first had the opportunity to apply your advice and information, I managed a new system that I am 100% satisfied with."

Marcel Pernikol, Nice, France

"Thank you for supplying this excellent service. My portfolio has gotten so much more profitable by using your service. Long may it continue."

Karl Mendel, Frankfurt, Germany

"The advice I have received has always been sound and largely as a result my Wife and I are enjoying our retirement. Furthermore, it is a great comfort to know that you will continue to provide advice."

P. D. Gammage, Norwich, U.K.

"After studying your book for a while I can say that it is really straightforward to use and very effective."

Andrea Miles, Yarmouth, MA, U.S.A.

"Wow! Your articles are absolutely fantastic. I have tried so many other systems and bought so many books and I have finally found something that works. This is such a change in my life for the better."

Jim Karlow, Irwing, TX, U.S.A.

"I found the experience to be outstanding. I was somewhat skeptical of the promises in your site. I am apologizing to you for any skepticism I might have had. I have consistently improved since my reading the book. I praise both your book's structure and your web site."

Ken Cobb, Singapore

"Your site and e-Book provide the background information you need to understand the markets. It is packed with the nuts and bolts of analysis and with lots of expert advice on understanding the market."

Ralph Kosner, New York, NY, U.S.A.

"I'm now not only delighted with the extreme service, but with the responsiveness of your staff, as well."

Andrei Pavlov, Moscow, Russia

"Solid safe investments do not exist! Your web site is helping me minimize risks and develops ways to maximize my investing skills."

Vassilios Ioannidis, Sydney, Australia

"I've been using your services for more than a year and I am VERY happy to have found you!"

Stanley Grishing, Dublin, Ireland

"I found many money saving ideas in your site and in your Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments."

George Simmons, Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

NOTE: All user experiences are unique and you may do better or worse than those shown. No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading mutual funds, futures, forex, stocks, options and/or etc. Only risk capital should be used.

EXPLORE THE Profitable
Web Site and e-Book

Explore the GreekShares.com web site, and when you also study "THE Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments" e-Book you will discover the most accurate, profitable and current information available today on investing and stock markets.

FREE Constant Updates
and NEW Content

The biggest problem with most web sites, guides and e-Books is that they're terribly outdated! But... It's totally different with "The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments" e-Book and the GreekShares.com web site.

Once you start using both The Profitable Stock Market Guide and the GreekShares.com web site you will most certainly discover that the contents are constantly updated and always enriched.

All Updates Are
Life-Time Free

The Profitable Stock Market Guide is one of the most effective investing tutorial solutions.

Buy it once and use it as long and as often as you want. All updates are life-time free!

You Can Order

The Learn how to Invest 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using the powerful and profitable Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book is 100% and completely guaranteed.

The downloadable 394 pages-long Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book comes with a:

Non Revocable 60 Days
100% Risk-Free and Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

There is Absolutely NO RISK with my 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee. All I ask is that you give it a try.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, I don't want your money! Furthermore, I will let you keep my e-Book no matter what you decide.  

All You Have to Do Is
to Test it out

The Learn How to Invest 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Who in their right minds would let you keep their products and your money, no matter what you decided? Only those ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT in what they provide and prove it with their NO RISK GUARANTEE OFFER.

You Can Make a Profit
Right NOW

The 394 pages-long Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book with the 10 separate Sections and the 217 Topics is available at ONLY US$ 25.95. 

Most of you will spend that much or more for just a simple lunch...

While on the other hand, this profitable information will make you thousands and thousands of dollars each year.

Just think that, only one of the 394 Pages or 285 Secrets and Tips or 217 Topics will pay at least a hundred times for this Profitable Stock Market Guide.  

Incredibly Low Price
for Your Future

The Learn how to Invest Low Price!

Most of You have already realized that this Unique Internet Offer of only US$ 25.95 is an incredibly low investment for Your Financial Future.

On the other hand, a small percentage have probably already stopped reading this text, as soon as they found out it wasn't 100% free.

All those who just "ditched" are probably never going to be a financial success. They'll spend years looking for "free opportunities" to make them rich for doing nothing, which will never happen. 

Get Now the Life-Time
Free extra Benefits

Together with your 394 pages long Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments e-Book, I will also include a LIFE-TIME FREE Membership to my exclusive Members-Only Section of the profitable GreekShares.com financial web site. 

PLUS, you will be able to read and profit FOREVER and for FREE all the Selected New Investing and Financial Articles.

PLUS, you can always download for FREE all the constant LIFE-TIME updates of the profitable guide. 

PLUS, with FREE LIFE-TIME newsletters, I will be sending you information and updates, which will be profitably keeping you up to date.

You Can Order
with 100% Security

THE GreekShares.com - Learn how to Invest - 100% Security

  • The Fastest and Best Way to Order On-Line

  • NO Matter what Country You Are in
  • Take Full Advantage of the NON REVOCABLE 60 Days 100% Risk-Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
  • Use the 100% SECURE On-Line Ordering Methods
  • We Take Your Privacy Seriously and Use 128 bit SSL Encryption to Process All Orders
  • Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

NOW YOU only just Need
to ACT Immediately

It just doesn't make sense not to make every effort to lock and protect your investments and your future, when you consider how much is at risk.

I cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you start reading The Stock Market Guide to Profitable Investments Book.

But I can guarantee that you will find it always interesting, always reliable, and always useful.

I appreciate your comments and feedback, and I truly look forward to getting a letter from you telling me all about your investments and how profitable they are.

Reminding You that "Knowledge IS POWER,"
Wishing You All the Best,


 Haramis Signature

 I. E. C. Haramis
 57 Nikis ST
 174 55 ALIMOS
 Athens, Greece
 Tel.: +30 210 984 3274
 Fax.: +30 211 800 5575
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