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Security on the Internet

The Internet is continuously gaining new friends, as it offers convenience to those who wish to have immediate information and communication or use it for educational or enjoyment reasons, or even for those who wish to make on-line purchases and perform various transactions.

However, it is important for users to feel safe and secure when using the Internet!

In this respect, it is necessary for users to follow some basic rules which ensure protection of their PC, and confidentiality of their data and personal files.

For this reason, we kindly request that you spend some time reading the points below for safe usage of the Internet:

Security on the Internet

 1. Have an anti-virus software installed and update it at least weekly.

2. Activate the Internet connection firewall in order to block unauthorized intrusions to your computer.

3. Have an anti-spyware software installed and update it at least weekly.

4. Frequently update your operating system with new fixes and updates.

5. Avoid using third party computers to access online trading systems because the risk of identity theft is very high.

6. After accessing online systems make sure to delete the Temporary Internet Files.

7. Be alert to changes in the behavior of your computer such as unwanted advertising windows opened, delay in the processing of commands, denial of connecting to certain web sites you choose or connecting to sites you did not choose, display of search bars or toolbars on your browser.

8. Do not "open" suspicious emails and their attachments and delete them immediately.

9. Do not reply to emails supposed to originate from GreekShares.com and do not connect to web sites requesting you to give your GreekShares.com username and/or password. GreekShares.com will never ask for these, as they are your personal property. Please keep your password and username strictly confidential.

10. Do not disclose your personal details to friends or others. Do not keep usernames and passwords in writing or save them in files on your computer.

New Kind of Financial Fraud: "Phishing"

"Phishing," is a scam that uses spam e-mail to lure investors into revealing bank or brokerage account information, passwords or PINs, or other types of confidential information.

Often the e-mails falsely claim to be from brokerage firms, banks or other services that investors are likely to use. GreekShares.com wants to make our clients aware of such fraud.

According to some estimates, scam artists are able to convince up to 5% of e-mail recipients to respond to them. And, alarmingly, the number and sophistication of phishing scams are continuing to increase dramatically.

Here's what to look for:

Security on the Internet
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