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Selecting Your Investment and
Financial Advisor

Selecting an investment and financial advisor is one of the most important financial decisions you can make!

You have to follow the four following P's in selecting an advisor for your personal financial and investment goals.


As with most important decisions in life, preparation is key to your success in choosing an investment advisor.

Research investor publications for information on choosing the right investment goals for your lifestyle. Before interviewing advisors, develop specific questions related to those goals and get to know your own personal style.

Are you looking for a partner in managing your investments, or are you willing to provide the advisor with control? Do you have any social or political beliefs that will need to be considered in establishing your goals and selecting an advisor?

Selecting Your Investment and Financial Advisor

Ask for referrals from friends who have been successful in achieving their investment goals. But remember, you are selecting an advisor not only on how well he/she selects stocks, but also on how well he/she administers accounts.

Research the background of your advisor before you make your final selection. Ask for complaint history as well as success stories.

Other questions to consider include employment history, educational background and professional affiliations. Determine the significance of professional designations an advisor may hold!


Your investment advisor will have access to the most personal details of your finances, so trust is important.

Most advisors will have an introductory meeting with you at no cost. Such meetings provide you with the opportunity to decide how comfortable you will be with an advisor, both personally and professionally.

Many investment firms have ethical standards that are more stringent than some regulatory requirements. Ask whether such standards exist in an investment advisor's organization. Determine how such standards are administered.

Determine whether your account will be a priority to an advisor. Is the amount of money you intend to place under his/her management comparable to other clients? What is the income base of other clients? Is it comparable to yours?

Will your advisor be accessible for questions or meetings, or will such functions be assigned to another staffperson?

If so, ask to interview anyone that can influence the decisions made on your account.

Will you be comfortable with an advisor's personal style? Is he/she a sales-person or an advisor? Which type is best for your personal investment goals?

The use of buzzwords may be a sign of good marketer, but not necessarily of a good investment manager!

Don't be intimidated...

Ask for an explanation of terms you don't understand!

Will you be informed if the advisor has any financial interest in the investment products he/she recommends?

Will you be informed if the advisor becomes the subject of an ethical or regulatory investigation after he/she is hired?

Selecting Your Investment and Financial Advisor
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